Being Integral.

Siendo Integral.

It means a lot of things.


Being Integral means having the experience that brands, startups and agencies need.

It’s strategy, creative, analytics, and ROI, and it’s people—media buyers, developers, designers, copywriters, marketing pros, analytics experts, and producers. 

Whatever your brand or agency needs, Integral can help.

We’re fit for success.

Our agency is not like traditional agencies. We excel in harnessing creativity to connect brands authentically with diverse markets. Founded on the principle that every brand has a unique story, our team uses innovative and tailored strategies to craft campaigns that resonate across cultural boundaries.

With a deep commitment to originality and design excellence, we not only amplify brand identities but also foster genuine connections with varied audiences. As a beacon of visionary thinking in the marketing sphere, our agency continually pushes the limits of advertising to ensure that every message not only reaches but truly engages its intended community.

Our time working with Yeliza and her team at Integral Marketing and Advertising has been nothing short of amazing. From the earliest stages of our business to now, they have been there every step of the way. Their work is high quality, and I especially appreciate their timeliness and availability to always make updates and find solutions when needed. The experience for our team, our customers, and our partners has been phenomenal, all thanks to Integral Marketing and Advertising. I would highly recommend using them for your next project!

- Vice President at A+ Leasing, Jenna Peterson

Made differently, to make a difference.

She worked agency-side in Boston, Orlando and Ft. Lauderdale. She worked in-house in the DTC and fashion industries. Then she built her own house.

Yeliza Centeio founded Integral Marketing & Advertising after more than fifteen years serving diverse brands. Her media expertise and no-frills approach made her integral, so she built Integral the same way. We’re different from the ground up—y así marcamos la diferencia.