Teams that fit.

That’s us. 

We’re strategists, creatives, managers, and developers with talent across the marketing and advertising landscape. We’re Integral because we’ve been there before—we know startups, and we understand mature brands.

You have a marketing and advertising puzzle, and we have the pieces. Let’s make a fit.

Marketing Strategists:

Project size. Doesn’t matter. We always come from a place of strategy, whether planning a full rebrand or a single day on your social media calendar.

Integral’s marketing strategists are experts in digital strategy, website, media, search, CRM, business performance, and quantitative research. Our SEO strategists have planned and implemented SEO for some of the largest organizations in the world, and some of the smallest, too.

Media Buyers:

When you want to reach the right people, you need to know the right people.

Our media buyers are connected to important decision-makers across mediums–TV, radio, OOH, and yes, Print –wherever ears are listening and eyeballs are eyeballing. Plus, our digital marketing team has spent more than a decade driving paid search, paid social, and programmatic media buying across channels.


We’re artists who love brand artistry.

Our designers know logo design, web design, UX/UI design, information architecture, social media design, infographics, and collateral across platforms. We’re obsessed with fonts and color palettes, and we’ll set the tone with ideal pairings to make your brand sing.


Your brand is a beautiful story we can’t wait to tell.

We have experience in TV and online video scripts, radio scripts, website copy, press releases, and social and online advertising, to name a few. We’ve been advertising agency creative directors and copywriters, newspaper reporters, and publishing industry editors.


We’re proficient in all the right platforms, but it’s our research-driven approach that sets us apart. 

Our website developers are analytics experts who harness digital strategy, website, media, search, CRM, business performance, and quantitative research. In collaboration with Integral’s marketing strategists, designers, and copywriters, our developers create seamless, customized experiences that encourage conversation and clicks.


It takes all types to bring a brand to life. From cameras to mixing boards, each of us carries the Integral tools of our trade.

Our photographers, videographers, audio producers, sound engineers, and animators are here to turn copy and concepts into compelling audio and visual content. We move people so you can move forward.

Public Relations Managers:

We think forward.

Certified in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, our experienced public relations managers will guide your company towards a culture of belonging. Media training increases visibility and engagement in a 24/7 news cycle; crisis management training turns developing and breaking news into opportunities.

Move your brand forward with experienced, forward-thinking PR strategists.

Marketing Managers:

Let’s bring it all together. 

Our marketing managers are the real puzzlers—the ones who know how to help talent thrive. We’ve shepherded projects, brands, startups and agencies to success, and you can be next. 

Your team. Our team. One beautiful solution.