Featured Case Studies

Here’s just a taste of the results we’ve driven for our clients

eComm Brand:

Project Description: Conducted a paid media test to determine which channel mix drove the best results. Tested Paid Search and Paid Social only vs Display, Paid Search, and Paid Social together. 


+141% Impressions

+49% Site Traffic 

1.5x increase in ToS

+276% Orders

+269% Gross Rev

Medical Device Brand:

Project Description: A client with two-tales

B2C: Launched a paid media campaign in the UK promoting the medical device. Leveraged OOH, Digital (display, paid social, paid search, and streaming audio), and OTT/CTV. 

B2B: Launched a campaign in the US targeting colleges and university decision makers. Developed a program that would service each institution based on their student and faculty needs – marketing materials, landing page, email templates, and ads for custom sponsorship programs. Leveraged LinkedIN for advertising purposes and bought email lists through third-party lists providers, and sponsored virtual industry events.


B2C: 300 orders exceed goal of 250 | $50K in Gross Rev just shy of a 1:1 ROAS

B2B: Within 4 months, 23 Institutions across the country had signed up for a custom program with the client and over 10 schools were in the final stages of agreements to offer the program

Tutoring Service Start-up:

Project Description: Leveraged Paid Search to craft a tailored list of keywords and phrases that had med-high search volume within the zip codes that this tutoring service franchise was restricted to. As the campaign evolved, so did the keywords list. We ran search queries reports regularly and monitored the keywords that users typed into their search box prior to clicking on a text ad to ensure relevancy and determine which keywords needed to be bucketed as negative keywords and which needed to be added to the targeting list. 


CTR +21% over the industry average 

+60% more leads than forecasted