Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Isn’t Just the Right Thing to Do; It Really Pays Off. Here Are the Why’s & How’s

Here’s the no-nonsense truth about diversity, equity and inclusion: we’re all better off for it.


Not only is DE&I the right thing to do for groups that have been marginalized for generations. It’s also a smart business strategy.


Diversity, equity and inclusion practices empower individual and team success by broadening perspectives, inspiring creativity, raising productivity, expanding and improving applicant pools and employee retention, and building trust with your audience.


Organizational diversity broadens perspectives and opens minds


The same old opinions and ideas are likely to come from the same old life experiences. On the other hand, diversity inspires new perspectives and generates new ideas. Creativity gets a boost, too.


But diversity in itself isn’t enough. Companies need to adopt an inclusive, equitable approach for all employees.


Inclusivity and equity help attract and retain talent 


You’re nothing without your team. So, attract and retain the best by creating an inclusive, open minded environment. Healthy workplaces welcome differences in gender, race, religion, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, education, and lifestyle.


Not only will your people be more likely to stick around. They’re more likely to kick ass on your behalf.


DE&I encourages employee engagement and creativity, and raises productivity levels


It makes logical  sense. When organizations make inclusivity and equity a priority, by making sure everyone has a voice and everyone’s needs are met, employees are more likely to take ownership of their role—and the success of the team.


The research proves it. 


According to Emeritus, “Companies with more inclusive business cultures and policies see a 59% increase in innovation and are 62.6% more likely to see increased profitability and productivity.” Deloiitte, meanwhile, notes that 83% of millennials report feeling more engaged in their work when their company dedicates itself to DE&I.


Certified DE&I Champions can help your company. Here’s how


It’s one thing to have an intellectual understanding of the ins and outs of DE&I. It’s another thing entirely to bring the whole team on board. 


That’s where certified Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Champions come in. Trained in all aspects of organizational DE&I, certified DE&I champions can help update hiring practices, instill a sense of belonging for your entire team, and improve collaborations with an eye on more successful outcomes.


Diversity, equity, and inclusion trainings may:


    • Create policies that support individual and team success, including healthy communication strategies
    • Help leaders and team members practice inclusive language, including the use of preferred pronouns for employees
    • Increase awareness of non-inclusive behaviors so they can be identified and properly addressed
    • Create events focused on inclusivity
    • Eliminate hiring biases while emphasizing the value of diversity and often overlooked skills and talents
  • Reduce pay differences across identity lines
    • Establish a trusting environment in which open dialogue, including frequent check-ins, helps employees express their needs
  • Help make career advancement equitable
  • Improve in-person and virtual accessibility


At Integral, our certified Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Champions are also PR managers. We can help you establish effective DE&I practices as well as share your values and culture with the world.


Plus, we practice what we preach, as DE&I is one of our core values: All are welcome. All are Integral. Our work improves when we leave our judgments at the door and let our differences walk right in.”